The Best is Yet to Come

  Sleep was still a problem. The wine helped some. Going to bed alone was a death march to a pool of Loneliness. After mustering up the courage, I would enter. Then slowly sink into it. Until my head was submerged. Once my head was under the water, I was held down, unable to resurface. […]

Wine, Lies, and Envy

  Months past. I continued working at Starbucks. I got an apartment of my own close by. I started going to night school for massage. I had a box in the closet of some of Dean’s things. His bible. A few shirts. A couple belts. Some other bits and pieces. At this point the waves were […]

Out of the Ashes

  Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation. ~ Eat, Pray, Love The next day, I sat on my bed. I knew it was time. Time for me and God to sort things out. It was time to face my pain. The avalanche. The Tide. I felt like I’d been grieving for […]

Submerged in Black Water

  C had moved to Vegas. He found a job there and decided to go. We kept in touch. I gave him updates on the pregnancy. We decided that we would go to the doctors for the ultrasound when he was in town. I was about 10 weeks along when he drove over for a […]