And then the Spell was Broken

  I called C. I told him what had happened that morning. He had been in his dingy hideout. “Oh babe, oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. My mother had no right to do that. You’re right. It’s too hard all of us living together. You know, I really want to help them, but…I tried. […]

Swimming to Shore

  We moved in. C, his parents, me and the boys. The boys shared a room. C and I had a room and his parents had a room. The house was quite lovely inside. This will be good. We can settle here. We can make memories here. “Cassi, you have to be very strong.” C’s mother […]

On the Road and on the Run

  I arrived in New York in the early hours of the morning. I met Cazador and we walked along the streets of Manhattan at dawn. He looked different. His eyes weren’t those pools of young hope and spark. They were tired. His face was puffy. His brow was furrowed. He was only 25 but […]

The Buoy Boy

Cazador. I hadn’t seen him in ten years. As I remembered him, he had jet black hair, considerate eyes, and playful freckles that contrasted his sharp attire. He was a hard worker with big aspirations and the drive and intelligence to see them fulfilled. I had always admired him, and despite being older than him, […]


  When I went back into our bedroom after the funeral, I was overcome with the urge to pack all of Dean’s things away. I didn’t want to wear my ring. I didn’t want to see his clothes. I didn’t want to see his shoes or his watch or his bible. I wanted all of […]