Out of the Ashes

  Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation. ~ Eat, Pray, Love The next day, I sat on my bed. I knew it was time. Time for me and God to sort things out. It was time to face my pain. The avalanche. The Tide. I felt like I’d been grieving for […]

Submerged in Black Water

  C had moved to Vegas. He found a job there and decided to go. We kept in touch. I gave him updates on the pregnancy. We decided that we would go to the doctors for the ultrasound when he was in town. I was about 10 weeks along when he drove over for a […]

And then the Spell was Broken

  I called C. I told him what had happened that morning. He had been in his dingy hideout. “Oh babe, oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. My mother had no right to do that. You’re right. It’s too hard all of us living together. You know, I really want to help them, but…I tried. […]

Swimming to Shore

  We moved in. C, his parents, me and the boys. The boys shared a room. C and I had a room and his parents had a room. The house was quite lovely inside. This will be good. We can settle here. We can make memories here. “Cassi, you have to be very strong.” C’s mother […]