My Mistakes Do Not Define Me

  Getting back into the same social circles Dean and I were in was harder than I thought. I had expected a change of sorts. Becoming single I quickly learned that you lose most of your married friends. They still might keep in touch. Exchange pleasantries. Give you the odd call every now and then. […]

The Locusts

  “There’s someone here that needs to know that God is going to pay you back for the years the locusts have taken.” A wall of a man with a South African accent had taken the mic at the front of church one morning. He had a shaved head and go-tee and had large tribal […]

Laying on My Lover’s Grave

  At Dean’s second Freedom Party (our annual celebration of his departure from this earth), God spoke to me clearly. He told me to move back to Australia. And so we made the plans and preparations and purchased our tickets. The boys and I made the most of our last months in the states before going […]

The Best is Yet to Come

  Sleep was still a problem. The wine helped some. Going to bed alone was a death march to a pool of Loneliness. After mustering up the courage, I would enter. Then slowly sink into it. Until my head was submerged. Once my head was under the water, I was held down, unable to resurface. […]

Wine, Lies, and Envy

  Months past. I continued working at Starbucks. I got an apartment of my own close by. I started going to night school for massage. I had a box in the closet of some of Dean’s things. His bible. A few shirts. A couple belts. Some other bits and pieces. At this point the waves were […]